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It's a split second when our dachshund, Mandy, streaks into the house, jumps into our arms and licks our faces. Actually I think she licks us before she lands in our arms. There is no way to be ready for it. If you are on her list of delicious masters you might as well welcome her overwhelming love.

I have been thinking of the word "overwhelmed". It could be the new song by Big Daddy Weave called Overwhelmed, which is worth a perusal if you haven't heard it yet. Or it could be the fact that we are transitioning back to the US and everything is overwhelming in the best, the worst, and the strangest ways.

Maybe it was Jorge Cuevas's recent visit with his son JB. Just his face reminds me of a time 15 years ago where he perched himself on the scoop of a front end loader and rode it to the top of the infamous hill where our little chapel in ReƱaca stands. He followed it up with five days of intense, back breaking work along with an entire team. Their work and many prayers paved not just one of the steepest roads in our town, but also the way for our small church plant to have some way to survive the battering spiritual storm we were weathering. We were completely unable to physically and financially produce this important road. Jorge did something that God had uniquely gifted him to do and he did it for us! I was overwhelmed.

It's overwhelming how impossible it is for us to have anything to do with God, how eternally separated we are. There was no one else who could bridge the eternal gulf, no one could stop the sickness and sadness. Only extreme measures could save us. Jesus had the choice to avoid all that He endured. He was the only one who could, and He chose to humble Himself and become obedient even to the cross. God Himself knew me before I had breathed even a wisp of air. He has written my name on His very hands knowing the rottenness that decomposed my soul. He had complete disclosure as only God can. He was the only one who could. . . It's overwhelming love. It's split second. It's irresistible. Guess we must just get ready for the spiritual licking.

Laura Dye

Giving Options