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If anyone lacks patience…

If anyone lacks patience, let him get puppies?

I have enjoyed our small yard taking shape and not stepping in anything this last year without our beloved dachshunds, but I still miss our dogs. I mentioned that to Roger a couple of weeks ago. He is definitely not taking one side or another. He just looks at me like I have a few screws loose and well, I might have to agree with him.

Deanna's visit to our friends' horse farm brought about the adoption of two puppies with paws as big as a bear's. (Yes, we will blame this all on Deanna.) One is a white Lab mix, Hercules, and the other has Rottweiler markings, Rosy. At seven weeks they learned to open the back door. At eight weeks the kids brace themselves before going outside to play. I used to think clips of the movie, Marly and Me, were comical. Not so much any more.

Hudson is my human version of a white lab —way too much energy and strength for the brain that we hope is developing. After three days of playing, I thought for sure Hudson would be worn out. No, but the puppies were flat out exhausted. A quick power nap and they are ready to go again. Hercules is really the one who is wild. I mentioned to Hudson that Hercules might be happier back out at the farm. "But he is mine!" There is a sense that the two have something in common. Hercules' thoughts must go something like this, "If they would just let me lick them all over! They don't really understand me and why I have to run, jump and chew on everything." Hudson does.

So the backyard is getting messy with chew toys, and other things. They won't chase the cats away and I daresay rats are invited too. We are hoping we will live through their puppyhood. My father's wise observation comes to mind after a two year old Hudson dumped a box of blocks down the stairs barely missing Daddy's head. "Hudson will be a fine young man if he makes it to adulthood." Maybe Hudson will grow up with these crazy dogs!

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