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This Old House

For two people who don't move fast, leaving Mission to the World is kind of like moving an old house across town. It is worth it but complicated to say the least. Roger has been with MTW since he was four when his parents went to Mexico. I can't help but remember the day when they gave me my name tag with the words "Laura Park, missionary". I looked at that and felt a deep sense of rightness about that title.

I can't say that FamilyLife has made it difficult. Quite the opposite. They continually provide feedback and encouragement that we have been craving for a long time. FamilyLife was kind to put up with us in every interview as we recounted our philosophical uneasiness with parachurch organizations. Even when reviewing the job description Roger clarified that he was in this for the good of missionaries, pastors and leaders (as if there might be some objection to that emphasis). Our new boss smiled and marked clearly the clarification on Roger's job description. Oh how patient this man is who dared to do the Insanity workout with our daughter Deanna. She says he is "buena onda" which means she approves.

Each conversation, each email is full of promise that excites us about being FamilyLife Global missionaries. We both have a deep sense of rightness about this clarified title. The house is still being settled on its new footings, maybe a little crooked in a few places, but soon to be right.

Laura Dye

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