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Yip yip

I sat in a dusty field watching Suzy ride a small muscular horse named Chocolo and Hudson on a tall narrow horse named Octavo. Cows bayed on the hill beyond the riding ring and the Chilean cowboys chased them with piercing "Yipyips". Chilean rodeo is famous but we rarely get a good look at the actual profession where these cowboys get their practice. They run those cows so hard it is no wonder Chilean beef is so lean.

Hudson popped off of Octavo, landing in a pile of dirt, which actually is a pretty good place to land around horses. Suzy was not far behind but she ended up with thorns in her pants and enough dirt for a sandbox. Galloping without stirrups is fast learning but has its drawbacks.

It's all kind of our final goodbyes to horse riding in Chile. Of course we said our "goodbyes" when Deanna left. I thought then that we left well. It was that flyer from Johnson and Wales equestrian program that brought it all back! Chalk one up for junk mail. So we say a cautious "goodbye" this time figuring that we will always have some sort of connection here. Hudson and Suzy cut their teeth on cochayuyo (hard sea weed) and grew strong and tall with the big orange zapallos. I guess we will never be "done" here and I am not sure I want to be.

Laura Dye

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