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The Senters

The church in Osorno had no sooner entered our denomination than the pastor had to be removed. The wake of his behavior left the church struggling at best. Changes in churches in Chile are difficult, but this was ridiculous. Alex and Paty Frites moved to Osorno for Alex to finish seminary studies and take the church there. Greg and Marilyn Senter, MTW missionaries, arrived with their family to assist Alex in finishing his studies, as well as many administration tasks. Together they watched one of those "God things" happen - the Church.

The Senters are a minority in mission work. Not being an ordained a pastor, but holding a degree in electrical engineering, does not mean that Greg is not equipped for ministry. He is just not called to the pastorate. That was a good thing for Alex. Greg was well equipped to help Alex. He needed Greg, and Paty needed Marilyn. Marilyn is a nutrition junkie, grinding her own wheat and making her own peanut butter. When Paty found that she was allergic to eggs and gluten, Marilyn knew how to pray her through the nutritional challenges. Being a pastor's wife in a country that serves wheat bread every time one turns around was no easy adjustment!

Our time with the Senters is always fun, but a little bittersweet this time as they are packing to return to the US permanently. Their time is finished and family needs call them back to Asheville, NC in mid December.

The next few months will be full of "good-byes" as their youngest daughter graduates from high school here in Chile. They will say "good-bye" to students and their parents who have been dear friends. They will say "good-bye" to the church members and the Frites who have been their life for years now. I imagine Marilyn will hate saying "good-bye" to all of the little shop keepers where she has found the freshest produce.

It is hard to leave behind a life of sweet routines and kind friends, not to mention the work. It will be an adjustment to say the least. Maybe they will find several "someones" to help them through the adjustment to life in the US.

Giving Options