Church planting, leadership development, and marriage and family ministry: these are the ministries in which God has called called and equipped us to serve Him. Out of the thousands of ministries we could be involved in, these are the ones that God has laid on our hearts, prepared us for with spiritual gifts and training, and led us to through His guidance.

One of the greatest obstacles to church growth in our generation is the general failure of marriage in nearly every modern culture. You cannot successfully plant churches if you don't develop new leaders, and you can't find new candidates for leadership if everyone is divorced or on the verge of divorce.

The exponential increase in the number of failed and failing marriages is much more than a numerical increase in the individual attacks on church families. It appears to be the enemies' chosen strategy in an attempt to destroy the church. That is why we must answer the call to courageously uphold marriage as the awesome, noble, and challenging adventure into Christlikeness that God designed it to be. Our nation, our happiness, and our children's future depend on marriage--yours, mine, and everybody else's—every nation on Earth depends on God's design for society.
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