Helping Spanish-speaking congregations become marriage- and family- equipping centers

Uni2hoy is a ministry that helps Spanish-speaking congregations become marriage- and family- equipping centers. We convinced that this as an essential element for church planting in today’s Latin America.

Purpose: Keenly aware that the institution of marriage is under attack and that families are disintegrating at an alarming rate, our purpose to is to be proactive in facing the following conclusions:

1. The battle for the family is the battle of our generation.

2. The disintegration of the family structure weakens the local church by demanding more resources to attend to family crises and disqualifying large numbers of people from serving as church leaders.

3. The heightened attack on marriages and families is much more than an accumulation of individual crises; it is one of the enemy’s fundamental strategies to destroy the Church.

Perspective: Our vision is to strengthen local congregations and energize church planting efforts by:

1. Making sure the current leaders have rock-solid, vibrant, indestructible marriages.

2. Training key couples in each congregation as Small Group Leaders and Marriage Disciplers.

3. Assisting church leaders and their key couples to establish a growing ministry to marriages and families in the congregation.

4. Encouraging connections between like-minded congregations as they seek to establish a city-wide network of marriage and family mentors.

5. Rejoicing in the fact that local congregations are gaining the reputation of being places where lasting marriages and strong families are built and restored.

Practice: Since the Church is God’s instrument of Redemption, all of our efforts will be focused within the Church, enabling local congregations to strengthen their members and reach out to their communities.
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