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Ministry Vision

Keenly aware that the divine institution of marriage is under attack and that families are falling apart at an alarming rate, our vision to is to minister proactively in addressing the following key areas of church vitality:

1. The battle for the family is the battle of our generation.

2. The international disintegration of the institution of marriage is affecting the local church by demanding more and more time and resources to help hurting families, but mostly by disqualifying large numbers of people from serving as church leaders.

3. The heightened attack on marriages and families is much more than an accumulation of individual crises; it is a key strategy in the enemy’s attempt to destroy the Church.

4. Since God has chosen to expose the enemy’s strategy, we are compelled to respond accordingly. This attack has been particularly effective throughout Latin America, and God has especially equipped us for this task. We have the calling, the experience, the vision, the language, and God has given us an established network of connections with missionaries and ministers throughout Latin America in order to bring victory to His Church in this battle.

5. Along with our personal skills and qualifications, we have open doors throughout Latin America to bring the ministry of marriage and family education into hundreds of local congregations. We believe that with the missional and organizational backing of FamilyLife, God can use us to transform the Church in Latin America into a powerful place of healing and restoration, where people from all walks of life come to find strength and safety for their families.

6. Will you join with us in praying and working toward this goal?
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